The cure for hiccups

This is the cure for hiccups. Think it’s strange if you like, but trust me, it will not fail you. It’s never failed me.

Stare at yourself in the mirror. Then draw in a deep breath and hold it. Then draw in some more. Draw in so much breath that you’re practically trembling. All the while, keep staring at your eyes. Stare those bastards down.

Next thing you know, your hiccups will be gone. Very weird, but true.

I can’t remember how I came up with this, but after 30+ years, it’s never failed. I suggest you try it.



2 Responses

  1. Now I find myself wishing for the hiccups so I can try this…

  2. There are some weird ones out there. A friend of mine told me once that when he has the hiccups, he very seriously tells himself aloud that he doesn’t have the hiccups. I’ve tried it and it’s worked for me about 90% of the time. Strange.

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