Aooni IPA

Why the hell did I never post this entry? I’m weird. But trust me, drink this beer.

It’s been a shit day, dear Reader, full of pointless errands, job rejections due to “sudden and unforeseen mergers” (that’s a new one), and inane sample translation tests to prove that yes, I can indeed speak Japanese. I’ve been hitting the cheap booze for a couple hours, but now it’s time to reward myself.

The lovely beast you see here is Aooni, an IPA (India Pale Ale) made by Yo-Ho Brewing Company, the same guys that do Yona Yona Ale and the lovely Tokyo Black Porter. Aooni clocks in at 7% ABV; the head is fruity, not too deep, but the beer itself has a nice body to it, a good balance of sharpness and sweetness. One complaint — as much as I enjoy this beer, it always seems to have a tinny taste to it. I wish they’d sell it in bottles instead of just cans.

I don’t suppose I’ll ever find a substitute for the manna from heaven that is Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA, which I would frequently consume back in the U.S. of Arse, but when I have to get my IPA fix on, so far Aooni has proven itself to be my brew of choice.

3 Responses

  1. My local supermarket carries Yona Yona, but I haven’t seen Aooni anywhere before. I’ll have a look out for it.

    BTW, I recently (well, some time last year) discovered that the Aldgate pub in Shibuya serves Yona Yona on draft.

  2. Are you in Japan right now, JT?…

  3. Still in the U.S. of Arse, my friend. This is a post I found lurking in WordPress that I never posted for some reason. Better late than never, I figured…

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