Showing bread who’s boss

breadI’ve started to get a bit antsy regarding the — let’s face it — blandness of a lot of the food options here in Nippon.

I therefore decided to spice things up by getting medieval on the corner supermarket’s cheese demi-baguette, or チーズフランス (“Cheese France”) as the locals call it, by throwing some jalapeños on it and popping it into the old toaster oven — or “oven toaster” as it’s for whatever reason referred to in Japanese. Hrm…

In any case, my pimped-up bread rocked. Yup.


13 Responses

  1. No baked beans on toast?!

  2. “oven toaster”

    I never got that either and it bothers me more than it should…:(

  3. I’ll have to make a post on my Japanese Nachos… you will be hooked…

  4. After being back in the States for over a month, I now have a healthy appreciation for the blandness of some foods here.

  5. I like the idea and title, “Pimped up Bread,” and laughed outloud.

    I was in Japan in 1953-1956 and have a blog about those times. I don’t know if you are interested in seeing how Japan looked back then but if you are then please go to

  6. For the love of God please update your blog. This is the best blog on Japan I’ve ever read. And I’ve been around town. Arroouuunnnddd ttooowwwnnn.

  7. The comment is very much appreciated Matt, so thanks for that. Had to weather a few major life changes, but hope to get started with the blogging again soon, in some fashion or other. Take care.

  8. Bump. I second Matt’s plea for a return! Hope the life changes aren’t proving to be unmanageable. (Mine resulted in me leaving the damn country…)

  9. Please, come back. I miss your biting wit.

  10. Thanks, liam and A.C. I appreciate it.

  11. Japanese cuisine is simply my favorite.
    Japanese are known for their superb cooking technique,
    and it definitely shows on how their food’s look and taste.
    Haven’t tried this though, but would surely wish to get a bite someday.

  12. kimchi spices up anything Japanese and it’s sold everywhere. As a southwesterner American livin’ in Nippon, Kimchi was my sanity.

  13. I’d really love to have a bite with that food. I heard that Japanese foods are really good.

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