beanzIf you ain’t down with the fibrous protein, best take it up with my boyz in blue, yo.

(Taken at a store in Ikebukuro, proving that I-Town is still keepin’ it real…)


7 Responses

  1. It’s one step towards changing the name to Japanese. By this time next year they’ll be called HAINZU BEKUDO BIINZU.

    How much did they cost?

  2. I cant make out what sauce they are in… you’d be kickin’ goals if it was cheese and tomato sauce…

  3. Baked beans are like a larger, less pungent sort of natto, I’ve always thought…

  4. A British staple from all of my Limey friends! Baked Beans rock!

  5. I think it was a regular tomato sauce, minus the cheese, and I can’t remember if they were 200 or 300 yen a can, but I remember it being in that price range.

    And DH, I think you mean baked beanZ.

  6. You know, they’ve actually got those at Kroger here.

    However, I never really noticed if the ones sold here are marketed with such flava. Being as immersed in flava as I am, it’s entirely possible I’ve simply been taking it for granted.

    “Beanz? I could go for some beanz tonight. Or tomorrow wif my breffes or sumpin.”

    I will check.

  7. Impressive. But do they have Marmite?

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