The passing of MJ and other weird shit

Yes, the demise of Michael Jackson is by now old news and has already been blogged into the ground. But I mention it here for the following reasons:

iThriller-I have been watching the original Thriller video pretty much every day for the past week, and it still rocks. I mean, it has dancing zombies in it for chrissake.

-Given how much the people here dig MJ, I started wondering if there was a Japanese- language subbed version of the Thriller video out there. Finally found this one here, but it’s like trying to watch a movie when no one in the theater will SHUT THE HELL UP, in that there’s a constant scrawl of “witty” comments that has been added to the vid by the uploader. I’ll say it for the record: Japanese internet culture sucks.

-I subsequently got to wondering if there were separate, Japanese-language lyrics for Thriller posted somewhere online. And I finally found these, which educate as well as entertain; gotta love it when “I’m gonna thrill ya tonight, ooh baby” is translated as 私は今夜、オーッ!赤ちゃん屋スリルつもり. That’s just nutty.

-In looking for the original Thriller video, I stumbled across the so-called “Indian Thriller,” a ripoff scene starring the suave gentleman in the picture above. The video itself is embedded below for your viewing displeasure.

p/s – Sorry for the dropoff in posting, folks. The workload has been taking its toll…


7 Responses

  1. Great to see a sign of, err, life!

  2. ” I’ll say it for the record: Japanese internet culture sucks”

    The radio culture sucks too!!

    Play great song…Then interrupt several times while song plays??
    They must teach that shit at Japanese D.J. School cuz they seemed to do it a lot?

    I stick to RadioSure or just go with “lossless” downloads 🙂

  3. I went two weeks without posting recently. I don’t know why, I just said, “fuck it.”

    Life keeps rolling forward, eh?

  4. That Indian vid is awe-inspiring!
    I wonder if that bloke did a version of Smooth Criminal?

  5. > there’s a constant scrawl of “witty” comments that has been added to the vid by the uploader
    You know, Mr. Turn-in G-Spot, those comments weren’t actually added by the uploader but by the viewers, and you can easily turn them off by clicking the speech bubble in the lower right-hand corner of the video controls.

    >Japanese internet culture sucks
    For someone who doesn’t even know Nicovideo, currently the 12th most-visited site in Japan according to, you sure do have an elaborate opinion about it. What’s next? “Huuuurrr, look at this forum, there’s this one guy who calls himself Nanashi-San and makes almost every post in it! That guy is nuts! As expected of those stoopid Nips.”

    • Why do assholes like” AbooooooooooOhmyfuckinggod imananalretentivejapansugoinutsackrider”

      (did I misspell his name?)

      always leave empty http’s? I’d love to visit his site 😉

      Fick dich!
      mach es dir selber !!

  6. Didn’t know you could turn those annoying-ass comments off. Good to know. Or not, seeing as how I don’t spend much time on ニコニコ.

    >For someone who doesn’t even know Nicovideo…

    I “know” it and have an account. Just don’t use it much, as I don’t see the appeal. And my comment re: Japanese internet culture sucking was just that. If by that you somehow infer racism, that’s your problem. At least I live here and am not some internet tough guy posting from Germany. Oops.

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