Really, REALLY juvenile ways of employing new technology

Inbetween doing a bit of overtime, drinking too much and watching a couple Tony Jaa movies this past weekend, I decided to try out the recently launched “computational knowledge engine” WolframAlpha and see what it was all about.

faggetPredictably, it didn’t take long for me to sink down to the level of a 14-year old.

I had no business giggling as much as I did over this screenshot, but there’s just something about seeing this word — which has meant everything from a bundle of sticks to weird English meatballs to a homosexual to someone embarrassingly lame — being used as a unit of measurement that I apparently find pretty amusing.


I’m an idiot.


12 Responses

  1. Is that Mr. Wolfram of Mathematica fame? Glad to see he’s come up with something infinitely more useful.

  2. 1 gallon is only 0.14 faggots??

    That’s gotta be wrong

    Then again, my fag math skills “suck hard”


  3. Q: “is john turningpin an idiot?”

    A: “Wolfram|Alpha isn’t sure what to do with your input”

  4. >1 gallon is only 0.14 faggots??

    My reaction exactly! I think we’re being shorted a few faggots.

    >A: “Wolfram|Alpha isn’t sure what to do with your input”

    LOL! It’s like shaking an eight-ball, isn’t it? Anyway, trust me; I’m an idiot.

    And leave it to Mr. West to leave the only real intellectual comment on this thread…

  5. as long as you were drinking, this nonsense is acceptable

    • nonsense???
      What kind of response is that?

      Hey John, turn on your _sshole filter so you can block shit responses like that!!

      ***Wonders if the filter would block my comments??***

      Wendy’s used to short me on my fries and I’ll be fucked if I ever went back!!

      If my ‘faggots” start coming-up short I’ma stop coming.

      better to just let this “sleeping faggot” lie. No sense in “beating a dead faggot”

      ***Where’s the Politically correct crowd?? Are they all studying for a Kanji test??***

  6. Not to worry, Chris; Babs is one of the good ones. Her blog is amusing as hell, too.

    And I think it goes without saying, Babs, that I was indeed under the influence when I got the brilliant idea to start using brand-new technology like a 12-year old, and even more under the influence when I decided to blog about it.

    I’m a classy guy.

    >Where’s the Politically correct crowd??

    Not running this blog, that’s for sure. 🙂

  7. Damn, nothing like a pair of hot steamy faggots, covered in gravy sauce. Mmm…
    They used to be made by ‘<a href="“>Brain’s‘.

  8. LOL, I didn’t know you could do that in the comments either. But it’s a great vid, so it stays!

  9. love human nature.

    were all just waiting for someone to create a masterpiece computational engine so we can use it to make fag jokes

  10. “… this one looks like Uncle Roy!”

    Been lurking for a while, nice blog~ :]

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