Novel ways of fighting organized crime

I passed by this poster in the station for a week or so before taking a good look at what it had to say … and then I was pulling out my cell phone and snapping a photo.

crimeIt’s a poster released by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police concerning 暴力団 (boryokudan), or the organized crime syndicate. It specifically concerns how best to 追放 (tsuiho), or drive them out. Three helpful suggestions are offered there on the bottom right:

Do not fear them
Hell, yeah! Stand your ground!

Do not give them money
Show those bastards who’s boss!

Do not employ their services

Your police department at work, folks.
Feeling safer yet?


8 Responses

  1. do not employ their services, such as your local police force. LOLZ

  2. You’re missing the point. All of the above need to be performed *with* a look of absolute determination and integrity, like the fine example pictured.

    When bad people see your absolute determination and integrity, they will surely retreat back to the hell.

  3. So they are saying be a hero and get killed? wtf lol

  4. “do not employ their services, such as your local police force. LOLZ”

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Seeing as how the local boss is related to the local station chief.

  5. lol


    I keep thinking of horrible, horrible ways this poster could be remixed…

  6. We could use some posters like this in the USA. Reminds me of the old “Just Say No To Drugs”.

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