To surf, perchance to Google

I do a lot of bitching about life here, dear Reader. Frankly, it’s quite easy to rant about the zombie-like freakwads that seem to make up most of Tokyo’s populace.

But today, an uncharacteristic bit of praise.

hamMy internets have been giving me some trouble recently. Today, the connection was so slow that webpages simply refused to load. So I called my ISP’s tech support, with the following results. (Anyone who’s dealt with tech support in your home country, feel free to compare.)

-After selecting the appropriate category from the automated recording, my phone call was picked up by a live operator on the third ring
-The operator ran a few diagnostics and determined it would take a technician to repair the problem
-A technician was at my door in less than two hours
-Said technician was already aware of my problem, and telling me how he could fix it while still walking inside my house
-My connection was up and running in about 15 minutes
-Total cost to me: nothing whatsoever

People of Tokyo, you’re on your way to redeeming yourselves.

As a counterpoint to this anecdote, however, I had earlier run into a guy that, at 9:30 am, was so drunk as he stumbled out of a 24-hour karaoke bar that he was being literally propped up by one of the bar’s employees, lurching madly down the street and crying out “Do you know me?!” in English upon seeing me, and then suddenly rolling his r’s and threatening to kick the ass of some random passerby.

This place is weird.

Nice tech support, though.


7 Responses

  1. Your’ lucky to be in Japan. Try calling tech support in America. Yea I’d stumble 2 if I been in a 24hr bar. There’s no 24hr bar in the state. If u stumble out the bar in the US. Your’ either get mug or put to jail. At least the guy in Japan can get home safely.
    By the way what country u from.

  2. rrabano, I’m from the US and have dealt with tech support more times than I care to count, and it’s always been hell. Have only had to deal with TS twice here in Japan, and the difference is night and day.

    As for the drunk guy, honestly, I’m pretty sure I’ve been him on one or two occasions…

  3. rofl thats sick. Unless there is like a physical problem with your net, no way an engineer is coming to your house to help you in the UK… and even still I doubt it will be there in 2 hours.

    Some great support. I think a reason might be that it seems like people are just over employed in this country.

    You see those dudes on the side of the road of a construction site whose job is to tell you that it is ok to keep walking forward.. lol ?

  4. um, our internet has been going in and out for two months. our answer from “tech support”?


    please put more pics up of your biceps. kthxbye.

  5. In your opinion, does Winning HAM indeed get the VICTORY?

  6. Winning HAM is teh WIN.

    And I have been sick all week, so no workout means the biceps are teh fail, kthxbye.

  7. With all the crappy stuff that happens in Japan, they do take care of the technical problems quite quickly.

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