treeSunlight. Birds twittering excitedly.

The muffled sound of the occasional car passing below.


“Shit! Shit!”

I spring out of bed, flip open the cell phone that doubles as my alarm clock.

Why didn’t my alarm go off?!

I look at the time as it’s displayed on the phone’s digital readout: 4:27.

Four-fucking-twenty-seven am.

Hey Japan — You might want to think about instituting a goddamn daylight savings program sometime soon.

And shutting these idiot bluejays up while you’re at it.


11 Responses

  1. The got Bluejays over here??

    I didn’t know that?? The crows around here are screaming banshees though 😦

  2. I’m with you all the way!
    I like going home from work occasionaly when there’s still sunlight outside but the system is working against us!

  3. What is this early morning thing you speak of?

  4. awe HELL no that shit would piss me off

  5. I can really relate. In Hokkaido in June/July it is really bright outside even at friggin 3:30 am.

    Amen to the crow comment — those damns things can start cawing away any time of day or night…

  6. The crows can raise some serious hell as well, but where I live, it’s the idiot bluejays that start gettin’ da party started at the crack of dawn.

  7. Get out the pellet gun and getcha sum bluejay meat
    yeehaw!!… since all americans have guns

  8. After 4 years of waking up somewhere between 4am and 5am I kind of like it now… with you on the stinking wildlife though…

  9. lol, I miss that 😉

  10. Just found your blog, good stuff.

    The flip side is it gets dark far too early… But I was thinking about this on the way home the other day… I have friends here with kids and impending darkness is a GREAT way to get them off to bed and to sleep…

  11. Always happy to have new readers, so thanks for the comment, LG.

    The weirdness that is my blog goes all over the place, from dark to banal to gleefully foolish. Hopefully you’ll find something in there that appeals to you. 🙂

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