I’m straight!

The straight, that is.

As in, Suntory’s latest happoshu of the week, the oddly named “The Straight.”

Yes, I broke down and bought some crappy, fake-beer happoshu. As long-time readers of this blog will know, I’m a sucker for advertising, having once been lured in by a flashy bag and the promise of meat-flavored Doritos.

Not only does The Straight feature some flashy packaging, it comes in at 6% ABV and has the tagline, “This ‘koku & kire’ taste cheers your mind.”

straightWell, shit.

Lord knows my mind could use some cheering. And when print copy opts to simply render native Japanese words in Roman letters instead of bothering to translate them (FYI, koku indicates a depth of flavor, and kire means a sharp, refreshing aftertaste), I’m just further intrigued.

So, how does The Straight stack up?

Short answer: Don’t bother.

Long answer: It does indeed have a darker color and deeper flavor profile than regular happoshu, but it’s still happoshu, and the gnarly mouthfeel and aftertaste kick in a second or two after you’ve taken a swig. Can’t say I’ll be trying this number again.

But at least I’m (the) straight.

4 Responses

  1. All that happoshu stuff sukz ass. Or what I imagine sucking ass woud taste like.

    I am 55 days sober partly because i drank 20-30 cans of that crap per day for 4 days straight….(i was in a major rut) and it tore my insides out.

    Oh, the after taste is soooo f’ing nasty.

  2. You know i will never try at satuff mate cause i am a creature of habit …. thanks for the warning though.

    Chris ….. big effort mate, haven`t had a day off the grog since January 3 2007 …. shold probably try a bit harder and clean my act up a bit.

  3. You actually drank happoshu voluntarily? I thought you knew better 😉

    I was fooled again the other weekend. Bought a can of Asahi Ajiwai thinking it was a wheat beer. Nope. Fail. Happoshu. And a particularly nasty one too.

    BTW, completely off topic, but have you watched the pilot episode of the new Battlestar Galactica spin-off series, Caprica?

  4. @Chris, good job on the sobriety there. Like Neil, I should probably try to clean my act up a bit as well, but I don’t see it happening…

    @David, yeah, every once in a while I’ll try a happoshu for the same reason I occasionally attempt growing a goatee — to remind myself that it’s just not a good idea…

    And no, I didn’t know Caprica was already up and running. TIme to fire up the old torrent program!

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