Through the looking glass

You walk through the revolving doors that take you from the lobby of your new office to the sprawling concrete courtyard beyond.

A looped recording cautions you to be careful, as failure to do so could — regardless of the fact that the winged panes of that door revolve at a pace that would have geriatric turtles tapping their watches in impatience — apparently have dangerous results.

The area that opens up before you presents various options.

Train lines.
A sprawl of as-yet unexplored office buildings.

You opt for the last of these, feeling a twinge of something like sadness as you do so.

You hated your last job. For the last few months before you were mercifully let go, showing up to the office was little more than a formality. But you miss your co-workers, and you miss the area in which you used to work.

spurtRegardless, when applying for this job, you hoped it would be located at least somewhat closer to your current residence. And as it turned out, it was indeed closer.

Exactly one station closer.

A bit of a burn, but still, there can be quite a distance between stations … right?

You walk through the revolving doors of your new office. The recorded voice reminds you — multiple times, lest you have forgotten in the precious seconds prior to your previous reminder — that you should be walking slowly.

You descend the steps, begin walking at random … and suddenly realize you know exactly where you are.

Welcome to your new job. Same as your old job.

In that it is exactly a 10-minute walk from where you used to work.



6 Responses

  1. It’s a, err, small world. There was a self-condimenting human-hotdog mutant just like that not far from where I lived in Berlin.

  2. Is there a Kewpie-like figure at your new office to brighten the days?

  3. …And I love your usage of the 2nd person…reminds me of on eof my favorite books “Bright Lights Big City” Do you know Jay McInerney? I highly recommend!

  4. I know exactly how you feel, btw…
    I feel that way every time i get a new piece of ass
    lol…I always hear that recording too which I promptly ignore and rush headlong into the same hole i climbed out of last week

    hehehe syoga friggin nai

  5. My usage of second person is 100% stolen from the book “The Hollow Doll: A Little Box of Japanese Shocks,” which I read in high school. Rocking good book. I just rip it off and call it a blog entry…

  6. @Billy, sadly, no Kewpie-like figures in my department. It’s a HUGE building so there may indeed be one lurking somewhere, but I have yet to find her…

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