Cheap chuhai alert

hanachu2While I can’t say I quite see the connection, discount wholesaler Hanamasa has decided — in honor of Hina Matsuri, or “Girls’ Day” — to knock a few yen off its already cheap chuhai. As of today, a single can of chuhai is just 88 yen, which is definitely less than you’ll find elsewhere.

One caveat: the Hanamasa chuhai is a bit blah, and includes a not insignificant amount of sugar. I can never get through more than a couple of them without feeling as though all that 糖類 (saccharide) is starting to build up on my teeth. But then again, 88 yen is 88 yen.

While at Hanamasa, I was also able to pick up a two-liter (!) bottle of olive oil and a package of single-serving split crab for just 190 yen.

Oh, yes. The evening’s menu has been decided.


11 Responses

  1. Looks like you’ve kicked a goal in the JT household tonight!

  2. Whoah, that’s my week sorted!

  3. Have you not thought about getting one of the the big bottles? I’ll be heading to Hanamasa soon.

  4. I’ m not a fan of chuhai (not a fan of alco-pops in general) but the mention of a 2 liter bottle of olive oil was enough to make me go looking for a Hanamasa in my area.

    According to their website there’s one within a 15 minute walk of my apartment, so I guess that’s my Saturday morning sorted 🙂

    Do you happen to know if they stock basmati rice?

  5. @Peter, you mean getting a big bottle of the flavored seltzer and another of shochu and mixing it up myself? Shochu always gives me a hangover, as does cheap vodka — except, for some reason, the cheap vodka they put in chuhai. Go figure.

    @David, the 2L bottle is a thing of beauty, especially considering how much I use the stuff. Not sure about the basmati rice though, as I’ve never checked. They do have a fair bit of ethnic foodstuffs, so it’s worth exploring.

  6. i didn’t realise chuhai had vodka in it, I remember needing can after can of the stuff to get drunk on, happy memories all the same. I’ve got my self a large bottle of shochu, looks like paint thinner.

  7. The good thing about Sendai is that booze is relatively cheap.

  8. Damn my misreading eyes. You meant (a two-liter bottle of olive oil) and (a package of single-serving split crab for just 190 yen). Not (a two-liter bottle of olive oil and a package of single-serving split crab) for just 190 yen.

    Should have realised it was too good to be true.

    Still, the trip wasn’t in vain. I found some star anise and have just cooked up a batch of lime pickle.

  9. PS. they had plenty of Thai rice, but no basmati.

  10. if I related the cheap chuhai with beer, I’d say stay away from Kirin’s strong seven – cheap and nasty

  11. Ugh, that Strong 7 stuff is terrible. Blech!

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