A shallow and complex creature

I, dear Reader, love heavy metal.

I love the metal so much that even people I’ve known for a decent amount of time are surprised I listen to anything else. Maybe it’s this unemployed-and-looking-for-a-new- job bull feces I’ve been going through, but something recently has flipped a switch in me that’s made me want to dust off some of the old tunes. For the first time in years:

I listened to Prince, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I listened to Public Enemy, and enjoyed the hell out of it.

dogI listened to Garmarna and got my Swedish rock on.

I listened to Beethoven and did my funky groove thing, sort of mock conducting along with it.

I listened to John Lee Hooker and sang along loud enough to piss off the neighbor. I didn’t care, however, because said neighbor is a Filipina who karaokes some seriously fucked-up weirdness every Sunday morning.

By this time, I was so pumped that I felt like cranking “Zero” by The Smashing Pumpkins …

Thus leading right back into the metal playlist.

I am in fact listening to Coal Chamber as I type this.


I am what I am.

2 Responses

  1. We salute you.

  2. Damn. Now I need to listen to Zero, but 1) I’m at work 2) It isn’t on my iPhone, and 3) the CD is packed in a box somewhere and I probably won’t have time to go looking for it when I get home.

    It’s going to be pretty sad if I have to resort to PirateBay to download an album that I actually own.

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