Obama the ass-kicker

Barack Obama is now the 44th president of the United States, and in my mind it’s about damn time.

But I’m not writing this post to engage in political dialogue. No, dear Reader. I’m writing to inform you of a simple fact:

Barack Obama is one bad motherfucker.

I know it, and the good people cowards who have since removed the content at Gamu Toys know it.

That's *Mister* Obama, この野郎!

That's *Mister* Obama, この野郎!

Sword-wielding Obama. Gun-toting Obama. Looking-like-he’s-about-to-kick-your-ass Obama. All these and more can cannot be seen on Gamu Toys’ website, because they got a case of troll’s remorse and decided to delete fucking everything. Were the content still there, I would advise you to be sure to scroll all the way down. But it’s not there anymore, so don’t bother.

Or I’ll send Obama after you.

Mad thanks to pete regis for the link.

6 Responses

  1. Man there’s some serious cashing in on Obama with all these gimmicks … funny shit too i might add. I like the Kotatsu Obama.

  2. Jesus, that is pretty incredible. I think my favorite is samurai obama!!

  3. I imagine the theme song is going to be some twisted James Brown / Utada Hikaru mashup. Not again!

  4. That’s pretty cool. And I like his tie.

  5. We all knew the man was a bad mofo.

    (Shut yo mouth)

  6. I also got a major kick out of the kotatsu Obama.

    Their overall transition from American flag to small firearms to heavier artillery and exotics seems to flow pretty damn amusingly!

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