The cleaning lady

I like the cleaning lady. She’s nice. She keeps our bathrooms clean, and always has a nod and a greeting for me whenever we meet.

wizardThere is, however, something quite disturbing about the cleaning lady — in fact, about every cleaning lady I’ve yet to encounter here.

There’s no advance warning.

No knock on the door, no Shitsurei shimasu to announce she will soon be entering the men’s room — she just charges right in and starts cleaning. And nobody seems to mind.

The thing is, I mind. My John Thomas minds, as it has now been spied by the cleaning lady on more than one occasion. Call me crazy, but displaying my genitalia to the nice woman I exchange pleasantries with in the hallway just isn’t my idea of a good time.

I do appreciate the cleaning lady. I just wish she’d stop catching me with the equipment still in hand.


6 Responses

  1. The cleaning lady at my office always shouts Konnichiwa! before she comes in.

    At the pool/sauna I used to visit in Munich, the cleaners would just walk unannounced into the changing rooms. That was quite unnerving.

  2. Now you know why she’s friendly.

  3. Hmmm… Now if Kewpie was the cleaning lady, would that make a difference?

  4. I’m laughing. Because I know exactly what you’re talking about. Same thing where I work. No warning. No knock on the door. In she waltzes, cloth and bucket in hand. It happens so often that I’ve started to get a complex that she’s hiding close by, waiting for me to enter. The most extreme incident I’ve experienced in this department was at an onsen. I was there, showering, in the nod, when suddenly the cleaning woman (not the same one from work, I hasten to add – now that WOULD have been worrying…) appeared from nowhere and matter-of-factly began wiping down the mirror and surrounding accoutrements like it was the most normal thing in the world to be doing. But somehow it just didn’t seem right. At all.

  5. I hate it when i’m dropping the kids off at the pool and she’s ferreting around with the broom under the door of the stall … i mean give me some peace and quiet please?! I guess she’s the poor sole that has to tend to the scene after i leave though so i shouldn’t complain too much.

  6. i was at the hot springs in hakone when they came in to start cleaning. It didnt bother me other than i wish it would of been a pretty girl than old lady but i must say that i rather have her than some of the guys that are at my gym.. at least its the opposite sex looking at my package ha!

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