Dear Reuters

You may wish to employ the services of a seasoned copy-editor in your news department.


Might I suggest, “Generals to urge Obama for quick action on torture” as a possible alternative? The headline as it currently reads would lead us to believe that Obama has been torturing people and should be dealt with swiftly, which I’m fairly certain isn’t the case.

Seriously, life in Tokyo gives me enough to complain about as it is. Please don’t add the goddamn news to my list.


A concerned reader in Japan


6 Responses

  1. Putting on my pedantic hat, I’d like to point out that in “Generals to urge Obama for quick action on torture” it’s not clear whether the action Obama is being urged to take should increase or decrease the use of torture. To nitpick-proof the sentence I’d replace “on” with “against”. Then I’d make sure I get out of the house / office more.

  2. LOL! I certainly hope they would be urging him to act speedily against torture rather than for it, but you’ve raised a valid point. Christ, sometimes lolspeak is easier.

    Generalz: Obama, act now against teh tortuer

  3. Well, he is indeed torturing rednecks with his victory. Hah!

  4. That is pretty funny though. I had a little chuckle after reading the headline.

  5. A little waterboarding never hurt anybody. I waterboard my turtle all of the time, it’s my special little way of saying “I love you.”

  6. definitely funny post. retarded Reuters

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