Oh, noes!

It may shock you, dear Reader, to know you aren’t exactly fighting off droves of traffic to arrive here. Actually, if you’ve taken a look at the tagline in the banner image above, it won’t come as a shock at all.

Given that I engage mainly in tossing vitriolic sand out onto the vast beaches of the internets, I’m frankly shocked to have gotten even a tenth of the tens of readers I have. Some of you I’ve met in person; most of you I haven’t. Nevertheless, I’ve received comments and more than a few e-mails expressing well-wishes regarding my job, which will apparently be committing suicide within the next few months. To everyone who’s written, thank you. You’ll be happy to know I spent the weekend in a state of concerted non-sobriety, brushing up my resume, 履歴書 and 職務経歴書 (ugh, there’s a topic for another blog entry) and spamming potential employers with it. And signing up for job fairs. We shall see what results.

thinner2In the interim, please excuse any slowdown in posting. Making sure my arse has a job to fall back on before it is de-job-ified is something of a priority right now.

Anyway, as a way of saying thanks, here’s a small, grainy picture of yours truly. Sorry, no grinning face and no peace signs — this is about as personal as it gets.

Good lord. The crash diet I went on after giving myself a pooch from not being able to work out the past couple months has made me into a skinny little bugger. Just call me The Machinist.


On a rather satisfying 25-minute walk around the company ‘hood just now, I passed by a house (it’s a strange mix of office and residential structures here) with a window pane above the door at just the right height for my lanky foreign ass to peer in.

Within this house, and hanging from adjacent walls, were a Persian rug and a fucking battleaxe.

This country is weird.


13 Responses

  1. Good luck to you…

  2. Good luck with it all – job hunting sucks 😦 but I’m hoping you’ll find somewhere with interesting characters for you to anonymize and tell us about. In fact, pop that on your job requirements list: freaky people to write about – of course you are here in Japan, maybe that’s a given?

  3. I hopez u iz finding nu bukkit soon!

  4. That sounds like a crack at me JT??!! I can’t help it, my fingers have behaved different since the day i got to Japan, they just do that automatically as soon as there’s a camera around these days.

  5. Thanks all. It’s very much appreciated. A few comments in semi-coherent order:

    -Seriously, thanks again
    -How do I got bukkit?
    -Sorry, the “peace” thing was a coincidence
    -Molds were broken when Kewpie head-banged her way into the world; anyone who can insert smilies into an e-mail about a band called “Carcass” is a class act in my book

  6. Do you know what you need, JT? Besides a sandwich? A fucking fake eagle on your shoulder.

    That’s what you need.

    And yes, maybe a little Kewpie action, too.

  7. Yes, this country is weird.

    Don’t worry about slowing down, just don’t neglect your family.

  8. That house you peered into might just hold the Japanese version of “The People Under the Stairs.”

  9. That house you peered into is probably inhabited by a Viking. Ask him about jobs, and he will set you on the right path…

    …Suffering cat! Getcho ass back in the weight room!

    “We find something.”

  10. I don’t find a Persian rug and Battleaxe combo wierd at all..

  11. I would love to have a battleaxe hanging on my wall but I’m not sure the mother-in-law would cooperate.

  12. “This country is weird.”

    Most accurate sentence ever!

  13. […] sorry JT, I just don’t find a Persian Rug accentuated by a Battle Axe […]

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