I’m hung over and in a foul mood.

The pencilneck prick who thought he could cut in front of me at Yurakucho Station looked quite surprised when I instead chest-butted him the hell out of my trajectory and glared at him, daring him to do something about it.

Predictably, he didn’t.

Upon arriving at work 10 minutes late, I apologized profusely to my boss for not having turned in a document that was due yesterday, and promised to have it to him before 10:00. I then surfed the net for 20 minutes, chatted with a co-worker for another 20, then popped ’round the corner and had a beer to take the edge off this fucking hangover. And now, of course, I’m writing this blog entry.

It’s 10:07 am.

How has your day been?


8 Responses

  1. A better start to my day that you’ve had that’s for sure.

    My peeve is the guy that sits next to me came in at 9.55 despite being told he needs to be in at 9.30. He then does what he does every day, starts up his computer and then heads to the toilet for a 25 minute shit … at least that’s what i think he’s doing, some days it sounds like he’s throwing a 20kg bag of potatoes down there. His diet needs adjustment.

    He’s back at his desk now, whispering to his wife on the company mobile, despite having a land line on his desk. This annoys me.

  2. Happy Turkey Day man! If you were hefting the ax, I’d not want to be going gobble gobble today–you sound downright agro. But facing that grind on a holiday can’t be easy, not to mention the alcohol seeping out of your pores. I have two lessons starting shortly, then I’m free as a … bird?

    Strangely, my first holiday during this my 2nd expat stint doesn’t seem to register. Not donning the monkey suit for some eikaiwa sure helps.

    Today, you, eating some bird (not the OZ-usage of the term) or just giving birds out to all queue cutting mofos? Saw turkey at Kobe Grocer last week, but I just can’t be fucked. First off, I’ve have halve and quarter the SOB to fit in my easy bake oven.

  3. You’ve done the Lord’s work, my friend. Keep up the train-station etiquette lessons… as will I 😉

  4. My day? Busy busy busy… and very dull and damp, which means I am actually wearing trousers before mid-afternoon. (You see, every morning this week I skype one of the girls in the office and enquire whether the heating has been fixed yet, because it is stuck at 32C, and as that is way above my optimal operating temperature – and they need all my brains right now but not my drowsy, irritable body – so I just stay where I am).

  5. You know what I think? I think it’s time for you to have a chuhai! What a great idea, I’m glad I came up with it.

  6. That is a great idea. I do believe I shall run with it. Huzzah!

  7. Good one giving him a body slam.

    Usually I give them a shoulder or elbow as I walk past, they never retaliate to my retaliation.

    I often feel disappointed if I don’t get a chance to shove someone on my daily commute.

  8. Yes! In Nagoya it was a little game we called “sidewalk linebacker.” On some/most days, it was probably the highlight…aside from the super dry tallboy on the train ride home.

    I’m glad to hear this tradition is commonplace in all corners of nippon…

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