Random news and musings

On the job and can’t think of anything too terribly exciting to blog about, but I certainly don’t feel like doing any work (of which there is none, but if there were, I wouldn’t be in the mood to do it). Therefore, I have decided to string together a few random bullet points, blast it onto the interwebs and call it a blog post.

Brilliant, I tell you!

The news
・Taro Aso, Japan’s nerd of a prime minister, has come under fire for repeatedly mangling kanji readings during his speeches. And no, the “nerd” comment isn’t a cheap shot — this is the guy whose nickname is “Mr. Manga,” and who chose geek heaven Akihabara as the location for his first stump speech. Critics have levelled that Aso’s self-professed love of comics (apparently he reads 20 a week) has been less than helpful for his kanji skillz.

My advice: Read a fuckin’ book, Aso. If I can do it, so can you.

・Yesterday, some whackjob let loose hundreds of beetle larvae on an in-transit express train. His reasoning: “I wanted to see women get scared and shake their legs.” It would also appear that this is the 19th time that the bug man has pulled this particular stunt. That, friends, is a special brand of weirdo.

The musings
・The rather large coffee pot in our office is the BM-3000 Caldo. It’s a beast of a thing, and also costs a cool 600 bucks. Unfortunately, caldo happens to mean “soup” in Spanish. While I suppose it’s not impossible that someone would deliberately name a coffee pot the BM-3000 Soup and then charge $600 for it, I have to confess to being somewhat confused as to the motive.

mine・I have to write up a lengthy Excel document today charting the goals I hope to achieve in the company during FY09. I find this rather troubling, as frankly I have no goals whatsoever other than being left alone. I also have my doubts as to whether this company will make it through FY09.

・See this building here to the right? It’s down the street from where I work. And it’s mine.

Finally, as my friend ThePenguin seemed a bit confused by some of the word choices in my last post, which goes to show just how gleefully we of the former colonies have adapted the English language to suit our own purposes, allow me to clarify in what I hope will be more familiar language:

At the weekend, I engaged in the procurement of a set of pantaloons whilst cursing to mineself in vex’d frustration.

That’s how you guys talk across the ocean, right?


10 Responses

  1. That worm thing is inexcusable. I don’t blame the man either, I blame Japanese tv. Doesn’t that just sound like something they would do?

  2. Tootle-pip fine sir, what a splendid day it is indeed! I trust the natives out here in the East are not causing you too much trouble? We here at the Club were most amused by your jocular attempt at imitating the mother tongue, but I must say old chap, it has rather an archaic ring to it. Montague-Withersforth says it reminds him of the Bard, though I fancy it has more of a piratical ring to it.

    Well, must toddle along, have to be kicking some fine donkey this afternoon, as I believe you like to say on your side of the pond.

  3. I must say Penguin, the giggles I got from writing that bit of silliness were trounced by the guffaws I got from reading your response. Awesome.

    And TC, I’ve seen plastic boxes fitted around people’s heads and live eels dropped into them whenever the unfortunate wearer got some quiz question wrong. After something like that, worms on a train would be hardly surprising.

    Ooh, worms on a train. I can see it now:

    “I’ve had it with these muthafuckin’ worms on this muthafuckin’ train!”

  4. They probably called it “Caldo” because it means “hot” in Italian.

  5. Ooh! And the mystery is solved. Thanks for that, David.

    Sort of a pity though. I kind of liked the idea of a coffee maker named “soup.”

  6. I can relate to that insect guy, for some reason I must’ve missed the news, but seems like a reasonable man.

  7. In the US, if that wacko had done the same thing on a subway, he would have been pummeled by the angry crowd.

  8. weird, but funny, “…and shake their legs”.

    to even the balance of eccentricity – every country has its share of weirdo’s, the man who has sex with cars, “Some men like boobs and bums, but I much prefer curvy bodywork.”


  9. John, I’ve decided we should be friends and
    (if that doesn’t sound creepy enough…) that we should get a drink together sometime.

    Ok, really, you and me and TC should all hang out.

  10. Hey there keitorin,

    To up the creepy factor, check your e-mail. Brr!

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