Beer special alert

Attention Tokyoites: The Queen’s Isetan chain of supermarkets is running one of their semi-regular imported beer specials. Right now, 330 mL cans of Houjun Monogatari beer are on sale for 188 yen each.

houjun1Houjun Monogatari is brewed in Germany according to the Reinheitsgebot, or German Purity Law, meaning that its ingredients are malt and hops, period. None of that rice or cornstarch fuckery that Kirin and the other macrobrewers dilute their suds with.

Taste-wise, Houjun is a decent brew, with a sweetness reminiscent of caramel-infused especial Mexican beers, but with a depth and flavor that the latter lack. It makes a nice sipping beer, and while a little smaller than the average 350 mL-sized can, it’s cheaper and more flavorful than the Kirins and Asahis of the world, may the devil take them.

Queen’s Isetan tends to run specials like these until their inventory runs out (read: I buy and drink it all), so if you’re looking to stock up on something besides the usual J-pilsner, you should give Houjun a try.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up – now why is there no Queens Isetan on any of my regular routes?

    (I’ll try and forget that 188 yen for 0.33 litres is about twice the price of double the amount for a decent beer in Germany though)

  2. I still haven’t got through the crates of German beer that I brought over with me from Munich, but I might give this a try if I see it.

    BTW, interesting link about the German beer purity law: The Reinheitsgebot – what a load of old b*llocks

  3. “…it’s cheaper and more flavorful than the Kirins and Asahis of the world, may the devil take them.”

    Noooo, Devil! Don’t take away my ability to enjoy cheap-ass Asahi while eating cheap-ass yakiniku!


    If green beer makes you honorary Irish, what does blue beer do for one?

  5. […] Japanese beer, German style By David My supply of beer from Munich is running dangerously low (only 1 crate left) so I was pleased to read about this German style beer that is available in a Japanese supermarket. […]

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