I hijack a blog! (part 2)

As if having my own site to comment on complain about Tokyo life weren’t enough, Billy over at 7:10 to Tokyo has once again allowed me to do so on his! (Careful Billy, or I’ll start making a habit of it.)

7:10 to Tokyo is a great site that you should be checking out anyway… And while you’re there, be sure to read “Tokyo, I Love You. OK, Not Really…” my take on what it’s like to live in old Toe-Kee-Yo. And remember to rate it, leave a comment, and all that other stuff that makes bloggers feel a little better about themselves. Thanks!

On an unrelated note, it seems that someone StumbleUpon’d my Japanese script for The Matrix, with the result that it’s been getting a bit of traffic these past few days. Sorry guys, I’d sort of let the thing lapse because no one was reading it… I’ll get back on it.


4 Responses

  1. Ok now, JT. You are now hereby charged with writing something uplifting and heartwarming for your next 7:10 post 😉

  2. Heartwarming?! Egads. I’ll leave that sort of thing to those who can do it without it sounding forced…

  3. So which do you like better: Tokyo or Fight Club?

    Hah, ho! Silly question. What I say?!

    And speaking of movies, Tokyo has to be unfriendly, or its directors wouldn’t be sick enough of humanity to come up with movies like Kairo.

  4. Good point. I mean, look at a movie like “Akira”, where Tokyo gets obliterated in a nuclear blast in the opening scene, and then once again after it’s rebuilt.

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