Stroker Ace

You know, I’ve been doing this blog for about four and a half months now. For a lot of that time, the rirekisho walkthrough was the biggest draw. No surprises there — it’s a damn good walkthrough, and I hadn’t really hit my stride with the whole blogging thing yet. Lately though, I’ve noticed a couple changes in my readership that I’d like to share with you.

Firstly, there are more of you coming here. And overwhelmingly, you’re here for the post of the day over the walkthrough. This is extremely gratifying, and I thank you.

While some of you are repeat customers (big shoutout to those that have me on their Google readers and My MSN pages), some of you are still finding your way here the old-fashioned way, via internets search engines. It’s always a pleasure when someone uses the search term “turningpin,” because there aren’t exactly a lot of Turningpins out there (and certainly no other John Turningpins).


A few of you are still looking for the porn site whose URL only marginally resembles mine, as I mentioned here. (It’s not that difficult, people!)

And a couple days ago, one of you came here via one of the most bizarre word pairings I have ever seen:

“masturbation zip.”

Seriously, what does that even mean?

Speedy masturbation? Pics of people diddling themselves compressed into .zip format? I tried entering this into Google and here’s what I came up with:

Amateur Girl
petite big boobed asian
amateur webcam

I don’t want to knock my own site, because I happen to like it, but what on earth possesses someone to choose a wordpress blog with a guy’s name in it over search results like the ones above? I couldn’t even find this blog in the midst of all that pr0n.

In any case, Mr. (or Mrs.) Zip, thank you for making my day.


8 Responses

  1. You’re on my google reader!

    I’m on my google reader, too.

  2. You sir, are a funny fucker. I was laughing at “No surprises there — it’s a damn good walk through” …. nothing like giving yourself a damn good pat on the back …. it was a very good read too might i add, so the back pat is warranted!

    One on my favourite things to do is read what keywords people put in to end up on my site, it’s generally a hungover thing when i’m trying to avoid doing any work. Some days i really wish i could contact the guys that put the word in the engine in the first place … too many references to “men panties backwards” …. animals.

  3. I usually google “kaela kimura suck” when I forget the name of this blog.

    Oh… painful flashback. Gotta go….

  4. Fuck! I was looking for the Parker Stevenson fan club page when I got directed to this here site. And, I hope to God you weren’t at all making fun of the greatest movie Burt Reynolds ever starred in… I really hope not…

  5. I’m just glad someone got the reference. Been feeling a bit long in the tooth recently…

  6. I was just like, uh, you know, wondering if like, the writer of this here blog is, uh, you know, like still alive?

  7. All quiet here ….. hoping to hear stories of the new office reshuffle, specifically the girl with passion for heavy metal and head banging.

  8. Sorry guys. I actually have like four different posts in the works. I just keep jumping back and forth between them because they’re not turning out the way I’d like. One of them is actually getting pretty huge…

    This new office of ours is sort of terrible for new anecdotes because it’s so friggin quiet. And Kewpie is back up on the top floor, unfortunately. There are a couple smallish anecdotes I could make into a posting. I’ll try to get something up soon.

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