Japanese medication sucks

I would like to share with you a personal anecdote. I really enjoy the movie Fight Club.

Not just because it was a great film (the book was awesome, too), and not simply because I’m a guy and like seeing shit blown up and think bringing down the establishment isn’t such a bad idea. More than anything, it’s because I find myself relating to our protagonist, Jack.

Like him, I have a bit of trouble sleeping. Frankly, I’m just not very good at it.

I haven’t slept more than 3 1/2 hours a day this whole week. This isn’t so fun, but it could be worse; when things really get out of control, I can sleep for only two or so hours a night, and go out zombie-like wandering the streets in the wee hours out of sheer boredom. (Haven’t had one of those in a couple months, thankfully.) But considering I’ve been keeping up with the early-morning excercise routine and strictly adhering to my nightly drinking routine, I find myself in somewhat less-than-ideal straits this week.

Put simply, I need some friggin’ sleep.

To this end, I currently have within this body of mine one “maximum strength” over-the-counter sleeping pill. It was very expensive.

And I took the stupid thing three hours ago.

Along with two Kirin Strong chuhais, a 350 mL can of beer, a 500 mL bottle of beer and 500mL of very strong cider.

The result?

I’m up posting this, aren’t I?



11 Responses

  1. did that stuff not work that i gave you?

  2. I’m hearing you JT, here I am reading blogs at 3:30 in the morning after drinking until 1:30 in the morning….. and the medicine we get here has ZERO impact on my 85kg frame with a normal metabolic system.. not metabolic syndrome!

  3. I downloaded and watched Fight Club on Wednesday night, love it.

    I’ve had trouble sleeping for years ….. I tried sleeping tablets, over the counter ones, a bit over a year ago, they did OK but i had strange dreams, i dreamt i was fucking a panda bear one night …. i put it down to the pills because that was the first time and it hasn’t happened since.

    All other medicine sucks, even when increasing the dosage.

  4. Diphenhydramine (aka Benadry) is your friend. Mind you if it’s sold in Japan and isn’t the non-dowries stuff.


  5. Very happy to find some comrades in sleeplessness. Thanks for the comments all.

    I ended up taking the day (Friday) off today due to lack of sleep and some sort of intense pain from having been crushed for two hours on the trains yesterday. Stupid Tokyoites.

  6. You keep drinking that much a little before bed time, it won’t matter if you get to sleep; you’ll be up soon enough needing to piss like a racehorse.

  7. Recommend against medication + alcohol. Either puts stress on the liver; together they will surely play hell with it.

    Have you tried imagining you’re at work while in bed? XD

  8. PR, have yet to blog about it, but I had an exhaustive, several-hour physical examination last week that revealed me to be in almost superhuman form. Racehorses wish they could be as fit as me. Oh yes.

  9. Try studying Japanese. It worked for me when I first came here.

  10. Mate, I translate for a living and look at all the Japanese I can stand. Good suggestion though.

  11. There is a perscription drug called sleepuri (sorry my computer does not support the japanese character set). the US equiv is ambien.

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