A parting of the ways

It’s enough to make you feel almost sad.

Farewell, Smoky the Raccoon. Adieu, Harley Man.

Best of lingering to you, Lingerer.

As part of its bold new initiative for FY09, the company has decided to move your department from the 9th floor of the building to the 1st — for no apparent reason. (It would be far too logical to, you know, have everyone in the same office to save on rent.)

In any case, it’s a bittersweet feeling to know that the rogue’s gallery you love to loathe will be a part of your daily life no more.

But all is not lost. Your new location will bring you in closer proximity to the rest of your department, a passing of the torch to what you hope will be just as rich sources of creative fodder.

The Man from UNCLE. The Angry Librarian. Sir Jacket. The Dark One.

Cat, your comrade-in-arms.

The future is in their hands now.

It also gives you no small amount of satisfaction to know that this makes the third desk in Japan at which you have hung a printout of this picture up. And have yet to receive a single comment on it. (Click to enlarge.)


10 Responses

  1. No comments yet? Your coworkers are either not observant, or hate Batman.

  2. I hope this inspires many more creative stories JT.

  3. Chortle.. WTF? I can only assume from reading that were talking about the verb used with an Object.. the Boner.. I am so confused by that Comic Strip….on the bright side, no more waiting for a “No Logic” elevator.

  4. @ Tom – Very, very unobservant.

    @ Neil – Here’s hoping. The new office is pretty eerily quiet.

    @ -Paul – Almost never used the elevator. I’m a stairs man.

  5. I look forward to seeing how the loathing develops in the new department; “X is a pretty decent dude – Wait… It turns out he’s a complete douchebag” or “Z is f@*king annoying… God, I hate Z… Wait,… maybe I was too hard on Z the first time around… Nope, Z’s a complete fu@*king numbnutz.”


    Definitely looking forward to it.

  6. Oooooo, I’m excited about The Angry Librarian, I don’t know anything about him/her but already I can see that there is so much potential there!

  7. Billy, I’m sure hoping for a bit of drama. So far the new office is bordering on ghostly quiet.

    Cowgirl, The Angry Librarian made a brief appearance in the post “The Pledge.” He is an opinionated old coot renowned for calling division head The Gap on his bullshit. Today was no exception. 🙂

  8. >>So far the new office is bordering on ghostly quiet.

    Just go pull a couple boners. I’m sure that’ll loosen folks up.

  9. Is it only me who is wondering what the Joker means with “Boner”? At that time and age in comics genitals didn’t exist so it must means something else!

  10. “Boner” in American slang used to mean a foolish mistake or blunder, hence people chortling at Joker’s poor, er, boner.

    Also, found the original picture finally. This one is higher clarity and can be clicked on for an expanded view. Happy days. 🙂

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