I hijack a blog!

Well, sort of.

Billy over at 7:10 to Tokyo has graciously agreed to give Japan bloggers the chance to have their writings featured article-style on his site — and whether out of graciousness or foolhardiness, he has approved a submission of mine! In, like, lightning speed! Thanks, Billy.

Eventually I’ll feature the entry here, but for now you’ll have to head to 7:10 to Tokyo to read “Unlikely Allies,” a second-person tale of company intrigue and heavy metal! It’s right there on the front page. Just look for the guy shredding on his guitar with flames in the background. (Thanks for the awesome pic, Billy!)

7:10 also has all the bells and whistles of a full-blown web site, so if you like the article, please leave a comment, but also vote for it, Digg it and do all those other sorts of things you can’t do here. Thanks!


2 Responses

  1. With lightning speed was the only way when confronted with such an amazing piece of work. Don’t forget, though, that your public will be begging for an encore at 7:10.

  2. Another masterpiece JT.. nicely done.

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