No more Yukie Nakama!

It hurts to write this post. It really does.

You see, I’ve been a fan of model-slash- actress Yukie Nakama here for a while now. Coming up on 10 years actually, back before most people were aware of her and she was still just a nice, cute girl from Okinawa whose acting was a little rough.

My, how times have changed.

Since then, Ms. Nakama has gone on to literally dominate the industry. We’re saturated with her. No matter where you go, your media experience — be it print or broadcast, film or television — will at least be Nakama-esque, if not positively Nakama-riffic.

And I’m sick of it.

There are only so many products you can lend your image toward before said image starts to become dangerously thin. I mean, seriously, what do you stand for?

Tommy Lee Jones, there’s no surprise: the motherfucker stands for Boss brand coffee, period. Toshiyuki Nishida: the guy stands for fishing movies, beer and the lotto (and playing Pigsy on the epic TV show Monkey).

But Yukie Nakama?

Woman, what the hell are you for?

Cars? Canned coffee? Bottled tea? Cell phones? Makeup? Panasonic’s weird new Nanotechnology line? Because you’re hawking them all. And frankly, I’m tired of seeing you.

Cede the spotlight and go away already.

And take that stupid dancing robot girl from the Yamanote line ad with you.

13 Responses

  1. I’ll tell ya what she stands for, I’ll tell ya what she stands for…. Forget about what she stands for.



  2. Really, though… It seems like the same 15 or 20 Japanese celebrities are used and reused for all commercials, TV dramas, movies, ets… In true Japanese fashion, people find something or someone they like and they hold onto it/him/her for way too long. Haruka Ayase (or whatever her name is) is becoming the same way. I mean, a fucking female Zatoichi?! That Beat Takeshi nonsense was bad enough.

    Shintaro Katsu was the man!

  3. that dancing robot girl IS awful! what’s with that ad? it’s the worst way to reward the people who actually get on the train instead of jumping in front of it. seriously.

  4. No idea who Yukie Nakama is, but yeah, she should definitely take that robot dancing girl with her.

  5. I still love Sadako.

  6. She is beautiful though, i rarely get sick of looking at the same beautiful girls.

  7. I just hope she gets a gig on j-babe of the week before she’s gone forever…

  8. I went off Yukie a while back. My new fave is Rei Kikukawa

  9. Yukie nakama is still beautiful and famous until now .. She is very pure and dont say some bad about her , she is just doing her job’s and offer .. besides she is one of the bankable actress in japan . I cant see anything wrong about her advertisement. She is very Nice!! YUKIE NAKAMA IS BEAUTIFUL! ..

  10. Fuck You ! to the one who wrote this article ..
    maybe your just envious to japanese beauty ! maybe your so ugly huh ??? Yukie nakama is GREAT no matter what you say . Her commercial was not made for your fucking crossed eyes ,so you better please fuck off ?!!

  11. To each his own. I agree Yukie is somewhat overhyped, but that was in the past (when you wrote this back in 2008). I guess you should know Japanese actresses, unlike their male counterparts, have a ‘shelf life’ that lasts at most 10 years if they’re lucky. You can’t blame her for trying to earn more money and staying relevant before her popularity wanes.

  12. I don’t fault anyone for trying to make a buck, but there’s such a thing as over-saturation. When I wrote this, she was EVERYWHERE hawking EVERYTHING. I like how the commenters gloss over the introduction where I state I was a former fan who just got sick of seeing her all over the place. Maybe you like eating pizza every single day of the week, but I don’t.

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