You’re a pedophile

If you’re a guy — especially a guy in Japan — and you’re reading this, chances are you’re either a pedophile or being groomed to become one. And I’ll prove it.

Peep the hot J-babe below. Hell, just to up the hit counter, click below to enlarge the picture of this hot Japanese babe in a bikini with big boobs.

Not bad, huh? You’d “hit it,” as they say.

Her name is Saaya Irie.

Go ahead, pop it into Google and check out some of her other pics. You know you want to.

And then reflect on the fact that she is 14. And has been doing this since she was 11. Yup.

Her parents allow this. Her agent promotes this. And this whacked-out society not only tolerates it, it creates an entire niche market for it that says, “Dig underage girls? Not a problem, because, let’s face it, they’re hot. Now check this shit out!”

How does this make you feel?

Me, between this and the bullshit translation project I’ve been working on all weekend, I wouldn’t mind smacking someone in the face. If only I knew who.

(p/s – Before anyone asks, I found out about Saaya when looking for a suitably seedy cover for my post on top five types of commuters that piss me off. I don’t dig on pedo feel ya.)

13 Responses

  1. Geez, not sure how to comment here man …. she`s quite the buxom young lady yeh?!?!

  2. If you want to start smacking people, start with her mother.

    Have to agree with you here. There’re plenty of hot-bodied pin-up girls of legal age; What’s the point of digging into kiddie pool?

    No wonder the ‘ladies only’ cars became necessary on train lines here.

  3. not good at all… that’s why I stay away from those searches.. Definately with Billywest… slap the parents first.

  4. She is hot but she’s too young to play with. So that’s the end of that story.

    Her parents need a smack in the head though.

  5. I don’t care what you guys are saying, the only thing I want to know is how in the hell a girl (a Japanese girl no less) tripped and fell on double Ds at the tender age of 14.

    It’s good to be the one who poses the really intellectual questions, I think.

  6. I have to agree, smack the parents. And I don’t know why they’re that big. (The boobs, not the parents.)

    Also, smack the perv who, in the *one day* that this blog entry has been up, has already stumbled across it using a porn search platform with the keyword “pedophile.” Ugh.

  7. Tokyo Cowgirl just made me think of something–maybe she’s not 14 at all! Maybe she’s 19 or 20, and they market her as 14, which, depressingly, would make her *more* appealing to the crowd of miscreants that digs this sort of thing.

    That would be a laugh riot.

  8. Japan is full of pedophiles.

  9. maybe shes not 14… worth the risk… NO! people still believe she underage so that is enough for normal people to turn off.

  10. Smack the parents, but also smack the magazine editors.

  11. I’m goin’a jail fellas!

  12. She’s pretty hot, but her boobs could be smaller.

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