John Turningpin’s Breakfast of Fear

1/2 can of tuna
1 raw egg
1 large scoop of rice
Wasabi-flavored ochazuke mix

Several twists of fresh-ground black pepper
Largish dash of white pepper
3-4 dashes of rayu (hot oil)

Makin’ it
-Insert all ingredients into chawan or similar compact bowl
-Add boiling hot water and spices
-Ingest alone or with one’s closest enemies

Came up with this one morning when very hungry but with barely enough time to throw a few ingredients together. It’s surprisingly filling, and a sick part of me likes it enough to make it once or twice a week.

Oh, yes. I’ll blog about it, but I’m not posting a picture of it.

5 Responses

  1. Is it coincidence that the preceding article is titled “Bad Wind”?

  2. Come on, just 1 picture next time you whip it up.

  3. Only the before picture, please!

  4. It actually sounds okay, except for the wasabi ochazuke. I mean, you’ve got the egg and the oil + spices, so you’re kind of close to sumpin like hot mayo, which is always a friend of tuna.

    Your wasabee chazook, however, is no friend of mine, sir.

  5. […] Ochazuke Traditionally made by pouring tea over old rice and adding some pickles, nori (dried seaweed) and whatever else is lying around, ochazuke for most folks these days means opening up a packet of instant mix and tossing it in along with some hot water. As a food, ochazuke is so lackluster that asking your guests if they wanted some was once the traditional sign that you wanted them to get out. It’s easy to make but it is about the most boring thing you can do with an already boring ingredient … unless, of course, it is used as a component in the Breakfast of Fear. […]

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