They are delicious nachos, you must eat them

Sometimes I need a taste of the things I used to enjoy back in the Old Country. Being a cheap bugger, I prefer to make most of them myself — in this case, nachos.

Look at ’em. Just look at those damn things!

OK, maybe they don’t look that good, but they elicited well-deserved moos of deliciousness.

Ingredients and where bought
Nacho chips: Costco
Salsa verde and refried beans: Hanamasa
Grated cheese and the thickest sour cream I have ever seen: Local grocery store

1. Upend refried beans into a saucepan. They’re pretty blah straight out of the can, and will need to be flavored and brought back to life. I tend to add garlic, salt, cracked black pepper, and something herby like basil. Stir over low heat.
2. Spread thin layer of nacho chips. Slather with beans and sprinkle cheese. Repeat layering, slathering and sprinkling.
4. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake for an indeterminate amount of time. (It was about 20 minutes in my toaster oven.)
5. Garnish salsa and sour cream.

Is this a rather ghetto, taking-several-shortcuts way of making nachos? Yessir.

Did they rock?

They’re gone, aren’t they?

p/s – In an unrelated and somewhat unusual note (unusual in that I’m not one for sharing personal anecdotes), I would like to give a shoutout to a couple individuals. To Mr. Neil Duckett, a man of great humor and wit, and Mr. -Paul, a large and very animated fellow with the amazing ability to use the word “cunt” at least twice in every sentence — thanks for agreeing to meet up with a perfect stranger for drinks at a moment’s notice, and for being such great company. You guys rock.

p/p/s (edited version) – In a fit of righteous drunken anger, and convinced that yet another iPod of mine had broken for no good reason, I tossed it from the balcony and angrily posted “iPods suck ass” along with some other invective. As it turns out, I’m pretty sure in retrospect that the problem was my drunken self and not the iPod. Oh yes, dear Reader, I’m a classy guy.


4 Responses

  1. Reading this was a great way to finish a weekend …. was great to meet you JT, a fun night had by all.

  2. i take even more shortcuts when I make Nachos, doritos, jar of salsa, easy melt cheese, layered on the eating plate and 5 minutes in my Pulse Amplitude Modulation device (PAM for Short… I love PAM).. カッンと be arsed with avacado, just a dolop of cream cheese… done done all done…. and on the other not more than happy to share my power word with anybody in person… at least you can appreciate the impact of the correct usage in sentences… and without sounding like I want to swap spit with you in the shower I had a blast as well and look forward to the next round of mixed beers….  and I commented from my iPhone to show you how much it rocks.

  3. Much appreciated guys. And it saddens me to say that in the first two minutes of sobriety this morning, it occurred to me what was probably “wrong” with my iPod and I chucked it into the street for nothing. I cannot test my theory, however, for said iPod is now gone. Sigh…

  4. oughta open you a restaurant, or at least a stand, and get some *good* mexican/texmex/calmex all up in that there town. sucks about your ipod. maybe it wasn’t so much drunken rage as a subconscious desire to purchase the new nano?

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