One hundred visits. That’s how many I got yesterday.

As far as numbers go, it’s hardly earth shattering.

But considering I’ve only been doing this for a month, have 15 measly entries, and the only “advertising” I do is drunkenly trolling blogs that are more entertaining than mine (Sorry Neil), it’s about 99 more single-day visits than I ever expected.

What gives? Were you all just really bored yesterday?

Of course, a couple of those 100 visitors were, as usual, people that had mistakenly come here in search of porn.

madtokyo free porn just porn dot com boobs

Oh, yes. That should bump me up to 101.


7 Responses

  1. 101 was me… I actually searched for +”japan boobs”. …. Brilliant… Your well on your way to your first 0.03 cents from adsense.

  2. Ok, take a look at the post today on my blog!

  3. Ride the wave JT …. its a brilliant brand of humour you have going on here. I’m tipping big things for this site.

  4. lol wher teh pr0n?? ur gay

  5. Thanks for the comments all.

    And to the very lulzy last commenter:

    no u.

  6. well, I’ve just stumbled it. So that should lead more traffic… like your site, haven’t seen any other tokyo style blogs that write in a similar style.

  7. Hi there Peter,

    Thanks for the stumble! These days, I’ve actually been getting around 150 views (ooh!), so I guess I’m moving up in the world.

    And thanks for the kind words about the blog. I consciously set out to try something a little different, right down to the ridiculously long blog title, so I’m glad someone’s picked up on that. Take care.

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