Reformatting The Matrix (or, I’m a friggin’ dunderhead)

So, still being a bit new to all this blogging business, it took me four friggin’ posts to realize how incredibly unwieldly the way I’d been posting transcriptions for the Japanese script for The Matrix would turn out in blog format. The sequence would be reversed, there’d be an interminable amount of clicking involved … it would be hell!

So here’s what I’ll be doing: All posts made so far (including today’s) will be deleted and the content moved to a single, master post. Any time that post is updated with a new scene I’ll make a note of it with a blog entry linked with an anchor tag, so that all two of you that have been keeping up with this can zip straight to the latest entry. I’ll probably throw all the content into a Word document for download once it’s finished, too.

The master post can be accessed via the link in the Categories list to the left, or from right here. OK, go back to surfing for porn or whatever mistakenly brought you here.


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