Top five people in Yamanote Line ads that piss me off

So, being hung over as hell yesterday and ramped up on so much caffeine that I still have the shakes did little to improve my mood on an already shitty commute. It is wth this in mind I would like to present the top five people from commercials playing on the Yamanote Line who genuinely piss me off.

And with one exception, they’re all foreigners. Way to go, guys.

5. Silly bint from the McDonald’s commercial

Is it really necessary to put your hair in a bunch and roll up your sleeves in preparation for the eating of your Juicy Chicken sandwich? I don’t think so. (As an aside, the fact that people are actually photoblogging about said sandwich also pisses me off.)

4. Fat golpher man
Watching you swing your mid-section while you swing your stick isn’t doing much to promote the “sport” of golf, sir. I tried finding a picture of the repugnant fellow, but nothing was coming up and frankly, he’s not worth the effort.

3. The GABA bunch
Apparently the only people that GABA hire these days are attractive but wildly condescending women in their twenties from Australia.

2. The DaiJob thumbs-up cowboy

What are you, the Wild West’s answer to fucking Edo Harumi? The silly woman singing in bad Japanese in this video (not the same one as on the train) gets on my nerves as well, but it’s more as an afterthought when compared to Mr. Thumbs-up.

1. The genki Navitime guy

Congratulations, your finger-pointing foolishness has rocketed you to the top of the list. Now eff off.

Incidentally, because I know how much you’ve all been looking forward to hearing about it, last night I dragged my futon into the living room, cranked both the fan and the A/C, and curled into a ball of human misery, my body covered in hangover-fever sweat and jolting me awake every couple minutes from all the caffeine still in my system, and from the very faint but extremely vexing sound coming from the A/C, something like a distant air-raid siren mixed with wind instruments.

Utter. Hell.


10 Responses

  1. #5 is awesome. Although I have had that sandwich before, and yes, I did blog about it, I certainly didn’t go through the physical preparation of rolling up my sleeves, pulling up my hair, and making my eyes extra big as if I was about to go down on someone.

    Although, I think that’s exactly what that girl is supposed to look like she’s doing.

  2. It’s a blessing the screens on the trains are without sound.

    What really drives me nuts are the themed advertising trains, where the insides are plastered with advertisements for a single product / company, and they play the same videos on a loop.

  3. At least the Nova bunny is no longer. I haven’t been on the Yamanote regularly in a while but I still recall with nothing resembling fondness, the Berlitz teachers’ smiling explanations of idioms, which with the hand movements, always looked more like an in-flight safety video.

  4. What about the one with the young girl doing aerobics with a bunch of robot arms. That annoys me mostly because I have no idea what it’s supposed to be advertising.

  5. David, it’s an ad for Junkosha, a company that bills itself as churning out “unmatched products through expertise in polymer science!” Hrm.

    I didn’t want to come across as a completely worthless bastard so left young dancing girl off the list…but oh yes, she’s now a solid No. 6.

  6. these vids are daft I agree. I have lived here in tokyo for 8 years. the thing I find is that on tv, foreigners that feature in Japanese commercials are often portrayed doing something silly !

  7. […] not the Chuociders and not the slack-jawed idiots I previously posted about appearing on the TV commercials, and certainly not that candy-striped, […]

  8. There’s another odd one that I’ve been seeing lately – it looks like it’s advertising some kind of anti-diarrhea medication. Very strange.

  9. LOL, that is indeed what it’s for — “Stopper,” the medicine that stops you from wanting to, er, have a bit of a visit to the throne while riding public transportation.

    Leave it to Japan to create a medicine that *induces* constipation. Brilliant, I say!

  10. […] Turningpin has the answer in the comments on his article: Top five people in Yamanote Line ads that piss me off. Apparently it’s an ad for a company called Junkosha, that sells “unmatched products […]

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