See this photo? It’s the view from my balcony. Nice, isn’t it?

It was taken as a way to illustrate Japan’s approach to time zoning, which steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that, even when summer rolls around, it can be 8:00 at night and still be bright as day (though talk is apparently in the works of introducing daylight savings time as of next year).

Unfortunately, in the taking of this picture, it would seem I’ve made a fatal error.

Though yesterday’s bout of drinking left me relatively hangover free, I have apparently rodgered myself of the majority of that night’s memories.

Put simply, what I thought was 5:30 pm of the same day upon which I finally awoke was was in fact 5:30 am the following day.

This would explain why the usual restaurants, the usual supermarkets on my daily route were closed (I thought it was because of obon). It would also explain why the cute thing at the 7-11 down the street looked at me like I was insane for buying so much beer so early in the morning. It is also why, to be honest, I’m a fair bit drunk at 9:30 am on a Sunday as I write this.

Meh, whatever. I’ll just take a nap and watch Buckaroo Banzai again when I wake up.


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  1. Love your blog, laughing my ass off, can relate to all of this except I was never anyone’s English monkey…

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