You guys are perverts

I’ve been looking at the search terms that have been bringing you (sometimes a surprising number of you, given that I haven’t exactly been advertising) to this blog of mine.

Most of you are in search of the rirekisho template and accompanying walkthrough (which is quite detailed and took a fair bit of time to write up, so one of you buggers could at least type “thxbye” in the comments field).

Every day so far, people have been wandering in here using the search term “madtokyo,” which happens to be the truncated version of this blog’s ridiculously long name. (Edit – It’s short now.)

To my surprise, it would seem that “Mad Tokyo” is the name of a pre-existing site — one that has apparently nothing to do with either madness or Tokyo, and everything to do with links to free porn.

You lecherous looky-loos.

Come here you have hoping to find delicious pr0n. Instead, only the semi-coherent ramblings of an office peon living in Tokyo await you.

That must suck.

For, like, the five seconds it takes you to go elsewhere and find some real porn.


2 Responses

  1. Sir, I salute you on both your Expert porn ranking and very amusing writing style. 🙂

    Always glad to hear I have a regular reader. Thanks very much for that.

    And good luck with finding the proper pronunciation of that phrase, and even better luck finding the opportunity to use it! (I haven’t yet.)

  2. Sheep!

    That rocks.

    Maybe your friend The Poser told the tattoo artist, “I want something that represents the PAIN in my life, yo!” and the tattoo artist got 辛 confused with 羊. Otherwise… Jesus, why “sheep”?

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