Win tickets to the Japanese premiere of ‘The Dark Knight’

Just ran across this myself, and haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere in the Japan-centric, English- language blogosphere, so here goes.

The Dark Knight (hyperlinked for the two, possibly three people out there who don’t know what I’m talking about) premieres here in Japan on July 28, and several online contests are currently underway to win you some free tickets to it. (Why hasn’t anyone been blogging about this?!)

First up is the promotion offered by Tsutaya’s Discas service, being the Japanese answer to Blockbuster’s Japanese answer to Netflix. The entry deadline is July 16 (tomorrow as of this writing), which is why I list it first, but note that if you win, you will be asked for your Tsutaya membership number, meaning you should sign up if you don’t already have one. The Japanese-only online entry form is here.

Next, website MOBOMOGA offers their own chance to win some tickets, the entry form being here. The information required for entry is nothing more than a name and valid e-mail address, and no prior membership is required. Note that you will have to choose the appropriate “present” you’re after, in this case the 「ダークナイト」ジャパンプレミア (Dark Knight Japan premiere), from the ご希望 (desired) field, which is the first one that appears in the list. This contest ends July 17.

Finally, MTV Japan is running some kind of contest through their mobile phone site, but the fascists are apparently only running it from that site. Details in English (!) can be found at, but frankly I can’t be assed to start fiddling around with my phone to find out more details.

The Dark Knight’s Japanese premiere is being held July 28 at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A, scant minutes walk from Yurakucho Station.

I’ve already submitted entries to the first two contests — best of luck to anyone who finds this (painfully new) site in time to do likewise.


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