And Here We … Go.

Hello, internets. This is my blog.

So, who the heck am I and why did I decide to go cluttering up the blogosphere?

As you can no doubt tell from the name of this blog, I’m a (sort of) white guy holding down an office job in Tokyo. It’s boring as all hell, but I’ve nonetheless joined that uber-1337 handful of non-Japanese that, for whatever reason, has decided to learn this devilish language and settle down here permanently.

This is is not my voyage of self-discovery. There will be no gushings about geisha and cherry blossom viewings (which, really, are sort of weird and full of loud drunkards, respectively). Instead, it will be about practical life in Japan — landing a job, learning Japanese, where to shop so your yen goes as far as it can, that sort of thing. Plenty of other blogs chronicle the full-blown exotica that is Japan, complete with lots of full-color photos! This is not one of them. As such, what I have to say will be of interest only to a few of you. Or possibly to no one at all. Time will tell.

Some of the information I’ll be adding to this blog will be applicable no matter where in Japan you find yourself; some will be rather Tokyo-centric, given that I live in Tokyo. Have something to add? Leave a comment and let me know.

I’m sure that during the course of this, I will occasionally step on the toes of blogs far superior (and with less attitude) than this one. Sorry guys, but at least I’ll be linking to you as I go about my stomping. ご了承お願います。

Nice to meet you, world. There’s more to come.


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